PRAD Class Gets Real-World Demo of Account Planning

Instructor Dan Windels' class in Account Planning (PRAD 595 Special Topics) was recently visited by guest speaker Ross McCl​ean, a director at Egg Strategy, a global marketing consultancy. McClean stopped by the class during their May 3 evening session to showcase his company's new iPhone/Android research app, Over the Shoulder.

Over the Shoulder is an innovative new use of smart phone technology Egg Company developed to help gather direct consumer information. The Clorox Company used Over the Shoulder in the service of "identifying the fleeting moments when the elusive Gen-Y population felt most at risk of catching or spreading germs.”

"With the Over the Shoulder app in the respondent’s hands, the research team was shown first-hand evidence from the inside of taxis, restaurants, clubs, public toilets. The research participants fed back provocative videos, photos and texts [of particularly germ-ridden locales], all while being tracked via geo-location over a 10-day period."

McLean is just one example of the College of Communication hosting professional industry leaders and speakers in the classroom. Such visitors enrich and enhance our students' exposure to real-world applications of the concepts they learn in the classroom.

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