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Pasos al Futuro

​​The summer and winter workshop is designed to teach Latino high school students how to use news literacy as television and print news reports. The two-week workshop, sponsored by the McCormick Foundation, provides students with the opportunity to develop technical and critical thinking skills to assess credible news sources and learn the importance of good journalism in a healthy democracy. 

Students will develop a clear idea of what a career in journalism might entail. They learn about the logistics behind the stories of the news they consume and produce. They learn the basics of television news, reporting, writing, field photography, video editing, and on-air delivery. In addition, the workshop focuses on the philosophical and ethical aspects of broadcast journalism-the need for socially responsible reporting and the need to educate viewers.


Students must submit:

  • Application form
  • A resume
  • A written sample (could be work you've completed for class or a 300 to 500-word essay addressing the following question:
    • What is one issue that is important to you and your community, which you think deserves more media attention (and why)?

Send your applications via email to Professor Maria De Moya at