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Lauren Upton

Assistant Director of Advising
Academic Advising
(312) 362-7619

Advises students with last names beginning with B-E.

Lauren Upton joined the college as an undergraduate academic advisor in April 2008. She earned her BA in Communication with a concentration in Relational, Group, Organization and secondary major in Human Development Psychology while competing on the DePaul Women’s Basketball Team. A "double demon" (two-time DePaul alum), Lauren also earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Her thesis research is housed in the DePaul library and is titled “A Communicative Approach to Understanding Intergenerational Conflict over Child Rearing​.”[DePaul Libraries log-in required to view.]

Lauren participates in a number of professional development committees across the university such as serving as a staff mentor for Discover Chicago, participating in the DePaul Academic Advising Network (DAAN), DePaul Women’s Network (DWN), Athletic Eligibility, completing the Performance Management Learning Series, serving as a President’s Club member, and working with the B.U.I.L.D. Diversity certificate program.

Lauren’s advising work has been recognized by colleagues across the university in her nominations for the Gerald Paetsch Advising Award (2010, 2011, 2012) and the Staff Quality Service Award (2012), and her Best Team Player Award (received in July 2011) and Women of Spirit and Action Award (May 2013).

Lauren enjoys the holistic advising Communication provides because it gives her the opportunity to work with advisees throughout their academic career at DePaul. ​