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  • Ana Amado-Garcia

    Ana Amado-Garcia

  • Carolyn Bronstein

    Carolyn Bronstein

  • Shu-Chuan (Kelly) Chu

    Shu-Chuan (Kelly) Chu

    • Associate Professor, Public Relations and Advertising Chair
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  • Vincent Cicchirillo

    Vincent Cicchirillo

  • Ron Culp

    Ron Culp

    • PRAD Professional in Residence, Instructor and Professional Director, PRAD Graduate Program
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  • Maria DeMoya

    Maria DeMoya

  • Sydney Dillard

    Sydney Dillard

  • Janet Evans

    Janet Evans

  • Ken Krimstein

    Ken Krimstein

  • Jim Motzer

    Jim Motzer

  • Matthew Ragas

    Matthew Ragas

    • Associate Professor, Academic Director of PRAD MA Program
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  • Juliet Stantz

    Juliet Stantz

  • Jill O’Mahony Stewart

    Jill O’Mahony Stewart